200 ton Machine at Work
Sixty-five ton PacMar Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

PacMar hot chamber die casting machines are famous for their productivities, their precision and the quality castings they put out. They have been used extensively in die casting Decorative Architectural Hardware, Automotive Components, Electrical Connectors, Appliances Parts and Electronics.
Hot Chamber Machine in Action


9 Years Old PacMar 65 ton
9 Years Old PacMar 65 ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine is as Good as Young

TOGGLE: PacMar top and down double toggle design are proven, reliable and can deliver strong and even locking force.
Steering Column
Box like construction of the PacMar Moving Platen

PLATEN: All three platens are made out of extra thick precision machined high strength (500MPa) cast ductile iron. The innovative moving platen design eliminated the maintenance prone ejector supporting rods and effectively connected the moving platen toggle links into a box unit to provide rigid and strong support.

TIE BAR: PacMar tie bars are made out of forged Hard-Chrome-plated and particular grounded high strength Chrome alloy steel. A innovative strain relief grove is designed to reduce the risk of tie bar breakage due to un-even die thickness. Fully automatic tie bar pull are available as an option.

LOW-PRESSURE-DIE-CLOSING: All PacMar machine come with a unique low pressure die closing circuit. It can be activated to protect your precious tooling investment. When activated, the platen will close at low pressure, until both die face touched to turn into high pressure to lock up the die. If foreign object, such as sticky runner, flashing, bent ejector pins were on the die face, the die closing will stop and machine will alarm operators to check the die face.
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Instrument Housing

SAFETY: The mechanical ratchet bar, activated by mechanical safety door closing, is located on top of the clamping system to prevent accidental die closing. Accumulators are eliminated from the die locking hydraulic circuitry for safety. PacMar use modern designed hydraulic fluid regenerative circuit to accelerate the die closing speed and to reduce cycle time. In addition, it takes 4 hydraulic valves energized simultaneously to close the die. Safety is our first concern.


Hydraulic powered ejection is smooth, powerful and responsive. The stroke is programmable. The delay is programmable. The repetition is programmable for multiple ejection. With optional proportional hydraulic circuit, even the ejection forces are programmable.


The Shot End
The High Efficiency Shot End

The innovative designed PacMar injection unit entrap every little air in the shot train. The result is very fast cycle time and reduced casting porosity. The renowned dual cylinder gooseneck used on smaller PacMar hot chamber machines can reduce the entrapped air in the shot train to zero to produce high quality porosity free casting.

TWO SHOT SPEEDS: There are 2 injection velocities. The slow shot is used to push away the air in the shot train. The fast shot is used fill the cavities. The fast shot velocity on most of the hot chamber machines are more than 4 meters per second or about 160 inches per second. The change over between slow and fast shot can be user programmed to fit variety of jobs.

TWO SHOT POSITIONS: The injection positions can be changed from center to below center positions to fit all tooling. Lift cylinder is provided on bigger models. Position is located by using spacer blocks.
High Quality Hardware Finishing
The High Luster Hardware Finishing Handles Made on PacMar Machine

TWO SETS OF CORE PULL are provided as standard features. Any core pull can be placed at any part of the machine cycle. Each set has its own control and (optional) flow adjustment. With the optional core-pull-accumulator user can creatively use the core pull to drive squeeze cylinders for squeeze casting or biscuit cutter cylinders, or turn it into a giant multi-slide or even multi-injection machines.


Machining Platen
A Platen is been machined

DUAL pressure pump is used to deliver dual high-low pressure through pressure induced unloading, the system can deliver high flow while pressure is not required and high pressure without adding extra horse power. The system will automatically un-load all pumps when at idle to conserve energy and to avoid hazard.

DIN MOUNT STANDARD VALVES: All of the control solenoid valves are of standard DIN-24-340 sub plate mount, now ISO-4400, mounted on a custom made high efficient low resistance flow manifold. There are four manifolds on the machine. One for system pressure control and die open close. The second one is located on the middle of the machine and provides power to ejection and core pull. The injection manifold and intensification manifold are located right at their corresponding cylinders.

All cartridge valves used on PacMar machines comply to ISO-7368 standard for worldwide compatibility.


The main control console and main power cabinet is located by the machine for easy access. A graphical user interface is provided for easy communication with the machine.
Milling Machine Base
Machine Base, although usually neglected by others, is quite important in keeping precise locking of the machine

OPERATOR PANEL: The operator switch box is mounted on a free standing pedestal and can be moved to any location convenient.

SOFT MOTOR START is provided to reduce the starting amperage demand. When motors are starting, the hydraulic circuit will unload all pressure to reduce the start up current draw.

ZERO CROSSING SWITCHING: All control solenoid are turned on and off by zero crossing circuit to avoid electric spikes and eliminate EMS noises. The result is extra long life solenoid and smooth operation.

ISA COMPUTER: PacMar machines are controlled by a standard industrial computer (ISA). The standard ISA computer parts are available all over the world. There are lot of technicians and control engineers in many different fields knows and services the ISA industrial computer.

NETWORK READY: The control computer is ready for networking. For multiple machine users, their machines can be linked together using the standard Ethernet hardware into a PacMar engineering station. The engineering station can further be connected into your enterprise network, your WAN or even to Internet. Your CEO or strategic customers can view the machines in production from anywhere in the world in near real time.

STANDARD I/O: The controller I/O (Inputs and Outputs) system is interfaced through four standard 24-bits Gray Hill SSR (Solid State Relay) field wiring boards. Those SSRs are all solid state circuits and are available in many electrical control supply house (such as Grainger) as standard shelf items.
200 ton Machine at Work
This Old PacMar 200 ton Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Keeps on Working

PROGRAMMABLE MACHINE SEQUENCE: The machine cycling sequence can be easily user programmed. User will go into a pass word protected sequence programming screen, pull together the machine functions and arrange them in sequence the way they want than save it with the current die number (or name). It need to be done only once. Yet it is so useful and powerful. User can creatively program the machine to do many job that was thought to be impossible before.

I/O SCREEN: Control system has build-in test screen to view all the I/Os by its names of their current state. This screen can be used for diagnosis and learning purpose. It can also be used to control I/O directly from the key board with proper pass word and safety satisfaction. This provides a very powerful tool to inspect machine functions and allow users to quickly pin point to the site of malfunctioning. PacMar was the first one to invent this feature. It is now been imitated by others without the full feature.

MACHINE SELF DIAGNOSIS: The control system has build-in self diagnosis function. It uses programmed human logic to constantly check functions of the machine while it is running to eliminate potential damages to the machine and to ensure casting quality.


: All PacMar die cast machines come with a build in shot monitoring system. The system displays shot velocity, shot pressure and plunger travel (against time, x-axle) on one graph. This time based shot profile use time as X-axle and the rest value as Y-axle. The time based shot profile proof to be a very powerful tool to look into the details about what was going on during the split seconds of fast injection to uncover how cavities was filled how metal solidified inside the cavities.
Satisfied Customer
You will be smiling, too, if you have a PacMar

PROFILE POINTER: There is a thin vertical line to the shot profile called profile pointer. This line enables user to "walk" through the profile. The pointer appears as soon as user press one of the four arrow keys on the keyboard. User can use move the pointer to any position on the graph. The screen will display, as the profile pointer moves, the exact time mark of that pointer position along with shot pressure, distance of plunger traveled and shot velocity. User can easily use this tool to calculate the gate velocity, the fill time and figure out the feed condition on a multiple cavity die. It is the tool to decipher the black art of die casting.
Happy Customer
He is happy with his PacMar 200 ton hot chamber machine

SHOT PROFILE MEMORY: One set of standard shot profile can be stored with die parameters memory. It can be used in die set up to fine tune your shot condition to be exactly the same as the previous set up.

See Hot Chamber Machine in Action
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